Saturday, July 25, 2009

just another week down under

Much like our first week in Margs, we are stuff off bored. We have been in search of work, but got chased away. We have made many phone calls, but the recession is getting ou's hard here. We have had 2 surfs in this last week, two of which were last night and this morning. Neither are worthy of any praise! damm!

We have been basically just been cruising the Avalon streets, hanging out at Krugers' house, waiting around for swell and/or work. 
The SIC was on hold for friday, but the swell didn't build as well as the contest directors wanted, so they have put it on hold, yet again. There might just be a swell coming for the boys to surf, fingers crossed! 

Also, a few changes have gone down with my appearance. The best comment that I've received so far is, "Ah, what the hell happened to you?" I explained. Then, "F**k! You're an idiot!" (laughs) Shot maxy! haha

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