Saturday, July 25, 2009

just another week down under

Much like our first week in Margs, we are stuff off bored. We have been in search of work, but got chased away. We have made many phone calls, but the recession is getting ou's hard here. We have had 2 surfs in this last week, two of which were last night and this morning. Neither are worthy of any praise! damm!

We have been basically just been cruising the Avalon streets, hanging out at Krugers' house, waiting around for swell and/or work. 
The SIC was on hold for friday, but the swell didn't build as well as the contest directors wanted, so they have put it on hold, yet again. There might just be a swell coming for the boys to surf, fingers crossed! 

Also, a few changes have gone down with my appearance. The best comment that I've received so far is, "Ah, what the hell happened to you?" I explained. Then, "F**k! You're an idiot!" (laughs) Shot maxy! haha

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A lesson to all

Never leave yourself signed into your different accounts on the net, on a communal PC that has many users. i.e. Log out of your blogs, emails, facebooks, myspace, etc, all of it!!!

In doing so you can prevent bad things from happening to you.

Take this previous post for example, "Coming out.Living loud.". That post was compliments of Jared Houston, who, being the good friend he is, decided to use my blogger account, that, in my tired state of mind, decided to leave logged in. 

Kids, never trust your mates with your various on line log in's, its a recipe for disaster.

Coming out.Living loud.

I would like to take this oppurtunity to let the public know that I have decided to live a life of homosexuality,Its been a long time coming.

Now that my mind is made up,I can finally breathe again.

Dont take offence,I love you all.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Think what you want....

A few waves
A few dreams
A picture is worth a thousand words

Thursday, July 16, 2009


This post has absolutely nothing to do with the heading, BUT if you have been to Oz you most likely have encountered one of these fearsome creatures. Any true ozzy person will be able to give you an in depth description of these infamous bear like mammals. They are found all over Australia and you will never know they are there until the animal has dropped on top of you. As Jerry about these creatures! Leuhman gave him heaps of insight into them!

So back to why I actually deciding to make a post. I thought i have been very slack in making posts here, but its hard when the internet is down and also internet cafes arent in my budget anymore.
So over the past week or so we have said good bye to our flaming compadre, Simon, said hi to loads of free beer(check out Si's second  to last post on this subject), cruised at Sully's place with J Finlay, Shaun'o and Jerry, surfed the island before the contest on low tide - not the best idea! - worked my way into the pack of photogs to watch Jerry surf his heat from the channel, had some more fun nights, had a crazy surf at a place you wouldnt expect(well atleast I never), had unsuccessful job searches and dug in the Wooly's bins, thanks Wade.

Me and Jerry are now residing with fellow Saffa mate, Nic Kruger, where most saffa boogers stop by when they are in the land of milk and honeys. Kruger is the biggest legend ever, and I think with out him we would probably be leaving to head back before we expected. For those of you who have stayed at his place, you will understand how good this guy is. Oh, Kruger is also an ANIMAL. Once again, if you have stayed with him, you will understand that. Yew

Bad news is unfortunately present in this post. My handy water camera decided it didn't want to be waterproof anymore. So I dont have any fresh photos for you guys and I probably wont have for a while to. Which sucks. What sucks even more is that the card that was in the camera had some photos on that can never be replaced and also little clips of footage from the water of the SIC.

Swell should be present this weekend so keep an ear to the ground to see if the SIC round 2 runs. Support our Saffa mate and watch him on the live fee which can be foudf on the limited-edition website.
Yew! Mona vale kings!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mind Speakers

I found these, these people Inspire me, make me Afraid, make me Question Myself, make me believe More......

Speak your mind.Dont Be Afraid

...Unthunked Thoughts...

Im back in S.A now and have left my joyous time in Oz behind me, sad to go but happy to go home, the flight was way too long and all of it during the day, which made it even worse,
Except for the part where we flew over the Antarctic
this was pretty much the highlight of the flight and one of THE most amazing things i have ever seen!

The Pack-Ice we flew over, note we were 37000ft up and the outside air temp. was
-77 dergees C! FUN

Plane Stalking...14 hours results in cabin fever,i get bored easily.

......Prior to my flight, my companions and i decided to galavant around the beautiful city of Sydney while we had the chance, so, dropping our bags off at the backpackers, we started walking, pretty nonchelaunt, down the main street.
We were all a bit peckish so had a feed at the nearest Hungry Jacks, which was delicious as always.
But then something amazing happened, something that in S.A would be an abomination,
we strolleb by a pretty standard Quicksilver store, but Pik noticed something a lil different about this one, you see, this one had 2 girls standing just on the inside of the door, offering *Free* Corona, and us being South Africans, well, we couldnt just turn down an opportunity like that, the ONLY stipulation...Drinks had to be had inside the store. So we agreed very easily and made our way through to the center of the store, where we found billions of free Corona, sushi and champers, Oh and the reason for this "party", A man who was singing in the store to promote a solo album, Perfect!

Pik revealing the treasure we discovered

The In-Store joyousness

Cue 3 hours later, we got kicked out the store cos they were closing. so we took a beer for the road and went on down to the water way looking out over the Sydney Opera House....very very pritty, so we attempted to take pics, and we succeeded, before it started raining and we ran back to the backpackers which was a good 20min walk away....

The music from the Opera House making us smile

All worth it????

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The end has a start

So the TRIALS didnt go down too well. I suppose getting knocked by the guys you watch ripping in your favourite DVD's and you see getting spreads in the Rippi's and Movement Mags, isnt too bad.
The event was a super fun day that started off with some sweet 2-4ft waves breaking off the Nulla Point. Pity the conditions didnt stay the same for the rest of the day. My first heat i surfed like an absolute idiot and got a 3rd - stoked on the repro rounds. Surfed that heat and made it through to round three. My heat was star studded: Thomas Robinson - 4play rider, Thorpe Walleuw - super grom from the Goldy, rides for NMD, and James Kates - if you are familiar with Riptide and the FLUX DVD you will know who he is - Zion Wetsuits team rider.
The conditions went kak, locals surfers thought it was cool to make the Ski operator drive in circles around him as well - making a sweet wake for us to jossle in. Bottom line - tough heat, tough conditions - I wasnt prepared for it, better luck next year.
Si made it through to the 3rd round, without the use of the repro rounds! He got an unlucky 3rd in his heat, dealing with some bad conditions too.
That was it, overs. "F for FAIL".
Big ups to Nic Kruger who came down to show some good Saffa support - and leaving us with some sweet supplies. Also to Doc for the beach interviews, was super fun!

As the title says, the end has a start - Si's Ozzy expedition is coming to an end, but he has a few gold mines in the long run too help him get back in the main stream of things.
Another thing ending is our warm and welcome stay in Kiama. We are packing up and leaving. Heading north. No particular destination as nothing is organised yet - should be sweet though.

Down to business though - wave wise! Nothing has happened. Surfed the Island a few times, was fun, but nothing all time. We had the biggest mission today, check Jerry's blog to see his side of the mission. Forecasts looked good, but the onshore winds prevailed. After alot of train rides, hiking and walking - we were greated with this:

Jerry amped.

Jerry throwing some spray into his reverse.
We will keep you updated with what happens.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Silence before the Storm!

Hey Ya'll

Really sorry about the minimum updating but nothing much has happened except us working our butts off with top top results!which is too sick!

We leaving now to go up and hang out with Jerry and the boys, then its down to Cronulla tomorrow to prepare for the reason we came. Looks like Sunday will be the day but keep checking the site for running time updates.

In the Meantime here's something to keep your wild imaginations going...

Holding Thumbs