Sunday, August 30, 2009


After quite the wait, i got a pic for my blog. Nothing spectacular but gives you something. Something is better than nothing! Yew!

Any way. Here is the deal. Jerry and I have decided to extend our stay in Australia untill April 2010. We came for 3 months, stay for 10. Long, i know, but oh so worth it. We have a few plans up our sleves, and all will be revealed in due time.
Right now I am sitting in the emerald shop, after working the whole day, every day since Thursday, and I shall be working every day untill this coming Thursday. Maybe hit Mona Pub on Thursday night, then on friday at 5 in the arvo, we are off to Bali for 2 weeks! Frothing! Accompanying us there in Bali are the local Nulla boys including Sully, Rosco and Big Rich! Big Rich will be filming our Indo experience, so hopefully we'll get some sick ass footage.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Cronulla is the place to be!
We have been lucky enough to been welcomed into Dessie's humble abode, about 300m from the Island. For those of you who dont know Des is the owner of Emerald Surf City, a bodyboard shop in Cronulla who sponsors the Island contest each year. Des and his girlfriend Lauren, have been feeding us well, showing us a good time and taking us surfing. We have also been cruising with the Emerald crew, Sully, Ros, Mitch, Big Rich, Beaver and plenty of the frothing Nulla groms, its been really sick and we've had some really sweet sessions.
For those of you who don't know or don't follow Frothspot(Jared Houston's blog), i suggest you go and check it out here. For those of you who do follow Jerry's blog you would have noticed a few shots of him at pumping Island. I unfortunately missed out that day due to work commitments, but the next day was on. We got up early and went to check out Cape(AKA. Cape Fear, Cape Solander, Ours, Queer lefts and many more). We rocked up and decided to surf this left and paddled out. We scored some sick barrels for about and hour or 2 untill we heard a few whistles and a voice shout, "Oi, get outta the water ya maggots!". We paddled out pretty darn fast and got straight into the car and drove off. Close Call! We headed straight back to the island which was about 4-6ft but still pretty low. We ate a bit and when the tide was high enough, we were out there. Jerry was up to his usual antics and flying high all over the place! I was trying to pick off the good ones from the peak, but I somehow kept choosing closeouts? got some mad props for it though! Day was over, job was done.
A couple days later, a few nights out happened with the boys, and this was followed by and early morning down south, in hope to catch a sneaky swell. Sully, Mitch, Jerry and myself rocked up at Nuggen car park, after trying to drive the track down which failed miserably with us pushing Sully's car out and his car now sounding like a tractor. Walked to Nugs to see no one out! Perfect. We were out there and Mitch sat on the rocks shooting untill the tide was too high. Hopefully some shots will follow soon!
The next few days looks pathetic in terms of waves, but I'll be taking full advantage of this and working my ass off! Manual labour pays so well here!
PS. Well done to Jerry on his second cover. Check it out on his blog and support our sport, go out and buy the issue, or better yet, subscribe.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Man oh man

So the past few weeks or so I have been suuuuuuuuper slack in making post. I do apologize. I have a good excuse, sorta! I dont have a camera anymore, so posts with out photos look plain and stuff off boring. None the less, i shall give you a brief run down on the past few weeks.

+ Slept on Narrabeen beach - bloody freezing
+ Worked like a peck - bloody tiring
+ Worked more and more, and also have more work lining up, which means money, which means living large and coming home with cash money. Boom!
+ Surfed a few times - namely, the island, (all the Nulla groms froth on travelling boogers, so we got pretty much any wave we wanted - perfect), suck rock, seconds left and also Cronulla main beach.
+ We surfed a contest, got knocked first round - lesson to be learned, stay sober the night before any contest
+ waves are here today, pumping waves, I've been hearing stories all day about how good they were. the reason for me only hearing the stories is because i was working, like a peck, again!
+ tomorrow looks good - no work, good waves! Too amped!

Hopefully I can have some photos next post, and more time to write more information down, yew!