Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Man oh man

So the past few weeks or so I have been suuuuuuuuper slack in making post. I do apologize. I have a good excuse, sorta! I dont have a camera anymore, so posts with out photos look plain and stuff off boring. None the less, i shall give you a brief run down on the past few weeks.

+ Slept on Narrabeen beach - bloody freezing
+ Worked like a peck - bloody tiring
+ Worked more and more, and also have more work lining up, which means money, which means living large and coming home with cash money. Boom!
+ Surfed a few times - namely, the island, (all the Nulla groms froth on travelling boogers, so we got pretty much any wave we wanted - perfect), suck rock, seconds left and also Cronulla main beach.
+ We surfed a contest, got knocked first round - lesson to be learned, stay sober the night before any contest
+ waves are here today, pumping waves, I've been hearing stories all day about how good they were. the reason for me only hearing the stories is because i was working, like a peck, again!
+ tomorrow looks good - no work, good waves! Too amped!

Hopefully I can have some photos next post, and more time to write more information down, yew!

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  1. Looks good...