Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beauty VS Chaos

I found these old pics and thought I'd share them,

Both make me Fear God...and this is a good thing :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

A little class outing.....

He may be a fat but he CAN ride!:)

We did a little trip....

made a little dance....

got down tonight!

And these were some of the results:

Andy on a keeper

Kyle focussed on "not studing" (Pierre De Villiers Photo)

Rufus howling at the moon

Rufus howling at a lip

Me taking shade from the glaring, um cloud radiation?!? (Pierre De Villiers Photo)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

1 week

One week and counting..

Rumour has it that there has been some good surfs happening in and around the peninsula this last week. But, this weekend could be fun! Big time dilemna though. Its the last weekend we here! Which means we gotta clock up lots of family and girlfriend time!!

Im prety sure that in a little over a week we will score some larger versions of this:

atlantic mirage. simon heale photography

The early mornings of this week so far have paid off. Lets hope tomorrow will be as rewarding...

Monday, May 25, 2009

A stroke of.....Unluck?!?!

Today didnt turn out as good as we thought it was going to, and it seems this way too for a certain group of our bodyboarding compatriates thats decided to go south for the day......

Yet we stil managed to score a few pics in the surf that tend to decieve your little minds eye.....hmmmmmm, delight yourselves

Andy showing us how to properly decieve the eye

Pik deciding the world looks better upside-down

Me, going round and round until I go doooooown

Sunday, May 24, 2009

the end days

so as Big Red mentioned in the previous post, we're in the last days. in a little less than 2 weeks we'l be jetting off to ozzy in search of some bombies and ofcourse some travel time.

whats been going down this week and what is planned for the coming week? this week was pretty mad to say the least. met the ozzy guys-such good ous. got some fun(ish) waves with them. the weekend was super chilled-no waves on my part...HOWEVER...

this week looks very promising. definately some hope on the hortizon! hopefully we'll manage to scope into some pits and launch some sections-like the image below.

till next time

photographer: lourance klose

Thursday, May 21, 2009

2 weeks

So basically Jerry, Pik and myself have 2 weeks until we cruise over to Oz....we're all pretty amped to say the least and expecting big things.......

This Blog is gona be our documentation of our trip from start to finish and then some, especially for all you creeps checking us out..haha..

Hopefully this will tickle your taste buds as we'l try keep putting up new shots of waves and random meanderings through the wonderful continent of Australasia and the definite trouble we're bound to get up to

....aaaaaaah the things we do to keep you entertained......

saying hello to the Transkie

Back on track

Informing all you devoted followees and people who randomly creep this blog that this blog is now going to be run like the underground in London. Perfect. I have new member on board, Siguy, AKA. Ranga, has acepted my request to be co-attributor of this here blog.

We decided to change the previous kak name that was, to this futuristic advanced name. But all seriousness, we decided to take this blog and put it into make-over mode. Soon we'll have a kiff header up and then im sure Siguy will have a few words to scream.

We're two, very opionated cats, so get ready...