Sunday, December 21, 2008


Promotions for Scweppes is done. Finished. Kla! Stoked. Cant wait to receive the dollar! Starting tom i'll be working 6 shifts doing coke promotions! Solid pay + free coke + sun + friends = good bronze on times!! Yes man! Afrter that promotion is done im gonns have a bit of money! My dream is getting closer! I hope every month i can get the same pay! Then by the time march comes! Il be purchasing my ticket for Oz!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Work is very boring! Me and this other guy are the only promoters in the whole store. We stand there for 3 hours attempting to attract customers to buy cases of Shweppes 240ml cans. NO ONE WANTS THEM! The promotion is also very bad: one whiskey glass free with each case bought. People dont like that idea! Three hours of standing around, getting chirped by people! Not kiff! But R165 later im pretty stoked!
I also got to through cases around with the workers there! That was fun!

Oh, i also got some really fun waves today at Derdes! Me simon and MixxDog5000-lol-surfed for about two hours. Got some fun barrels and suprisingly enough, i got ramps! Flips and verts were very enjoyable this morning!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It begins...

It all begins right here: My search for barrels and ramps whilst dealing with life itself!

Today I began saving to reach my dreams (sadly, everything in life costs money) My first goal is to get enough money to go surf some heaving pits and motherless ramps in the land of the Kangaroo's. I am overboardly amped to go and score! I have made my mind up, I AM definately going to Oz around June-July time, this is prime wave season in Oz. So my fingers are crossed and i'm holding my thumbs! Accompanying me, more like me accompanying him, is Jared "the badger" houston. We are on a mission! We are gonna do the Shark Island trials and hopefully make the main event!

This is the first step in the right direction to live my dream and not become another sorry statistic who follows the world.

Join me on my journey!