Thursday, July 16, 2009


This post has absolutely nothing to do with the heading, BUT if you have been to Oz you most likely have encountered one of these fearsome creatures. Any true ozzy person will be able to give you an in depth description of these infamous bear like mammals. They are found all over Australia and you will never know they are there until the animal has dropped on top of you. As Jerry about these creatures! Leuhman gave him heaps of insight into them!

So back to why I actually deciding to make a post. I thought i have been very slack in making posts here, but its hard when the internet is down and also internet cafes arent in my budget anymore.
So over the past week or so we have said good bye to our flaming compadre, Simon, said hi to loads of free beer(check out Si's second  to last post on this subject), cruised at Sully's place with J Finlay, Shaun'o and Jerry, surfed the island before the contest on low tide - not the best idea! - worked my way into the pack of photogs to watch Jerry surf his heat from the channel, had some more fun nights, had a crazy surf at a place you wouldnt expect(well atleast I never), had unsuccessful job searches and dug in the Wooly's bins, thanks Wade.

Me and Jerry are now residing with fellow Saffa mate, Nic Kruger, where most saffa boogers stop by when they are in the land of milk and honeys. Kruger is the biggest legend ever, and I think with out him we would probably be leaving to head back before we expected. For those of you who have stayed at his place, you will understand how good this guy is. Oh, Kruger is also an ANIMAL. Once again, if you have stayed with him, you will understand that. Yew

Bad news is unfortunately present in this post. My handy water camera decided it didn't want to be waterproof anymore. So I dont have any fresh photos for you guys and I probably wont have for a while to. Which sucks. What sucks even more is that the card that was in the camera had some photos on that can never be replaced and also little clips of footage from the water of the SIC.

Swell should be present this weekend so keep an ear to the ground to see if the SIC round 2 runs. Support our Saffa mate and watch him on the live fee which can be foudf on the limited-edition website.
Yew! Mona vale kings!

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