Monday, July 13, 2009

...Unthunked Thoughts...

Im back in S.A now and have left my joyous time in Oz behind me, sad to go but happy to go home, the flight was way too long and all of it during the day, which made it even worse,
Except for the part where we flew over the Antarctic
this was pretty much the highlight of the flight and one of THE most amazing things i have ever seen!

The Pack-Ice we flew over, note we were 37000ft up and the outside air temp. was
-77 dergees C! FUN

Plane Stalking...14 hours results in cabin fever,i get bored easily.

......Prior to my flight, my companions and i decided to galavant around the beautiful city of Sydney while we had the chance, so, dropping our bags off at the backpackers, we started walking, pretty nonchelaunt, down the main street.
We were all a bit peckish so had a feed at the nearest Hungry Jacks, which was delicious as always.
But then something amazing happened, something that in S.A would be an abomination,
we strolleb by a pretty standard Quicksilver store, but Pik noticed something a lil different about this one, you see, this one had 2 girls standing just on the inside of the door, offering *Free* Corona, and us being South Africans, well, we couldnt just turn down an opportunity like that, the ONLY stipulation...Drinks had to be had inside the store. So we agreed very easily and made our way through to the center of the store, where we found billions of free Corona, sushi and champers, Oh and the reason for this "party", A man who was singing in the store to promote a solo album, Perfect!

Pik revealing the treasure we discovered

The In-Store joyousness

Cue 3 hours later, we got kicked out the store cos they were closing. so we took a beer for the road and went on down to the water way looking out over the Sydney Opera House....very very pritty, so we attempted to take pics, and we succeeded, before it started raining and we ran back to the backpackers which was a good 20min walk away....

The music from the Opera House making us smile

All worth it????

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