Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The end has a start

So the TRIALS didnt go down too well. I suppose getting knocked by the guys you watch ripping in your favourite DVD's and you see getting spreads in the Rippi's and Movement Mags, isnt too bad.
The event was a super fun day that started off with some sweet 2-4ft waves breaking off the Nulla Point. Pity the conditions didnt stay the same for the rest of the day. My first heat i surfed like an absolute idiot and got a 3rd - stoked on the repro rounds. Surfed that heat and made it through to round three. My heat was star studded: Thomas Robinson - 4play rider, Thorpe Walleuw - super grom from the Goldy, rides for NMD, and James Kates - if you are familiar with Riptide and the FLUX DVD you will know who he is - Zion Wetsuits team rider.
The conditions went kak, locals surfers thought it was cool to make the Ski operator drive in circles around him as well - making a sweet wake for us to jossle in. Bottom line - tough heat, tough conditions - I wasnt prepared for it, better luck next year.
Si made it through to the 3rd round, without the use of the repro rounds! He got an unlucky 3rd in his heat, dealing with some bad conditions too.
That was it, overs. "F for FAIL".
Big ups to Nic Kruger who came down to show some good Saffa support - and leaving us with some sweet supplies. Also to Doc for the beach interviews, was super fun!

As the title says, the end has a start - Si's Ozzy expedition is coming to an end, but he has a few gold mines in the long run too help him get back in the main stream of things.
Another thing ending is our warm and welcome stay in Kiama. We are packing up and leaving. Heading north. No particular destination as nothing is organised yet - should be sweet though.

Down to business though - wave wise! Nothing has happened. Surfed the Island a few times, was fun, but nothing all time. We had the biggest mission today, check Jerry's blog to see his side of the mission. Forecasts looked good, but the onshore winds prevailed. After alot of train rides, hiking and walking - we were greated with this:

Jerry amped.

Jerry throwing some spray into his reverse.
We will keep you updated with what happens.

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  1. all good Jaza - at least you arent freezing your t's off here. We would love to be taking the photos of you guys. alas! sorry bout Si. enjoy the waves Mwa Bro and Ma