Friday, September 25, 2009

Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Australian Government
Form 111
Under section 116 of the Migration Act 1958
(For use on immigration clearance)

Part A - Notice of intention to consider cancelling a visa
Part B - Record of whether to cancel visa
Part C - Notification of decision to cancel visa under s116 of the Migration Act 1958

So am most of you know, I was denied re-entry into Australia after my 2 week holiday in Bali. I was not only denied entry into the country, but I was swiftly deported out of their hands and back to my home country. Which kinda sucks in a way, seeing as though I use a British passport, to them, my home country is England. So there i was, sitting in an interrogation room, with a flight booked to London, via Singapore.

Lets take it back a bit..way about the 1st of September 2009, at about 15:30. I was on the phone to the Australian embassy, speaking to some guy who, after much discussion, said the I would be able to walk straight back into the country, NO PROBLEM. (I should have taken down his name and used it as a reference, rookie error!) So 3 days later, I, along with my saffa mate Jerry, were boarding a plane to Denpesar, Bali. Frothing for 2 weeks of sun and waves!

Bali was pretty crazy! Nothing like I had expected. We ended up getting sucked right into the Kuta night life, the second day we were there! (Effing Arac!) None the less, the rest of the boys arrived a few days later and we started making plans to get outta Kuta, ASAP! Swell was looking promising for the weekend so we missioned off to Ulluwatu. Spent the weekend there in anticipation for, "The best swell in 9 years!", but it never came through like that. Any way, long story short, we had a few sessions there, got probably one good wave out of the three days it was good and then we headed back to Kuta for the last few nights. Straight back into it, like a flipping moth to the flame! The last day was spent cruising Poppies 1, bargain shopping, followed by our last Bintangs before heading to the airport. By now, we were all ready to get back to Oz. Me and Jerry especially, and we were ready to get back and start working!

Low and behold, after our 3 hour flight to Darwin, I was stopped at customs at 3:30 in the morning. Then it all started, all the questions, all the suspicions. I knew from there it wasnt good! Four hours later, (after being in one room, getting all my luggage searched inside and out, being told that if I had given misleading information or told nothing but the truth, I could be imprisoned for 10 years) I was denied entry and my visa was cancelled on the spot. An hour later I found out that I was booked on a flight to London, via Singapore, at 19:00. I was kept in the interrogation room until about 15:30, with cops outside the door at all times. Then they escorted me through to the waiting lounge where I had only my back pack, my passport and everything was with the custom control police. At 18:50 I was able to board the flight, and get my passport etc back. I had a form with me the whole time from boarding that first flight to Singapore, that stated I was a PIC, (Person In Custody), haha, was pretty nerve wracking! I landed at Singapore International Airport at 22:15 local time, and was immediately met by 2 police officers who escorted me around the airport, and then took me to the waiting room for my next flight. The one officer stayed with me until the very last minute, literally 5 mins before the plane started to move, then I was allowed to board the plane. I reckon that everyone on that plane was scared of me, seeing me escorted around by police! I could see them skinnering to each other!

Now I am in England, The Isle of Uck, Dead Mans Land. I'm not getting down on this situation, as cheap flights to various islands can be found here and medical trials pay ridiculous amounts of money! yew! I'll try keep updating my blog, but I doubt there will be much exciting stuff happening, maybe just a few posts to keep everyone in the loop of whats happening!

Until next time, here is a shot of me at Padang, shot by the local guys who hassle you for money!

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